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Brought to Life: Painted Wood Sculpture from Europe, 1300–1700
This exhibition investigates the materials, techniques and reception of painted wood sculpture in Europe between the 13th and the 18th…
Multiplying Power: Image as Protest in Prints and Photographs
This installation displays a range of prints and photographs from the SCMA collection whose circulation documents and sparks social change.
Agano Machiko: Untitled
Trained as a weaver, Agano Machiko is known today for fiber art installations that capture the invisible forces of nature.
The Ancient World Gallery
In 2019, the display of SCMA’s ancient art collection was reimagined to provide a more global view of the ancient world. Previously, this…
pages 1 and 2 of the zine handed out to visitors during the "Art on Air" event, page 2 reads "What is Art on Air? Art on air is collaboration with Smith College's Radio Station, WOZQ 91.9fm, and the Smith College Museum of Art. DJs from WOZQ have looked around the museum and created specific playlists inspired by the collections on display. As you go around the gallery scan the spotify code to listen to what DJ's associate with art works. The art inspiration are across all three floors of the museum."

DJ’s in the Museum! A Student-Centered Collaboration with Music and Art with the Smith College Radio Station

July 7, 2023
Maegan “Cloud” Osmond ‘24 is an Art History major with a Museum Concentration.
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